It's Trolli

Welcome to the Fantastical, Neon World of Trolli...
Where everything Trolli touches transforms into something bright, happy, and sweet...for as long as it takes to eat a delicious Sour Brite Crawler.

Trolli, Trolli, Trolli—crush us with your teeth! Trolli, Trolli, Trolli—eat us piece by piece!

Trolli will change your life! Or at least how your mouth tastes.

Peek inside to see the neon light. Close it again and feel the darkest fright. Or, just keep it open all the time. It’s more fun in here.

Shine bright, neon light. Just for a moment before the darkness comes trolling. We’re sweet and sour, but just for this hour.

A jolt of Trolli will keep you glowing, no matter what dark things are growing. Keep on chewing that darkness away. One neon worm at a time, is what we say.

A Neon Light In The Darkness